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Mission Statement

We believe each child is a unique individual. Every child has his/her own pace of development, experience and learning. The goal of Little Dragons EARLY EDUCATION is to sustain a diverse, positive, encouraging and safe environment for children to play, learn, and evolve.


To this end, we work to enhance the children’s own feelings of self-worth and provide them with an atmosphere where they can develop satisfying relationships with other children.

The children in our care are encouraged to be active learners and problem-solvers. Our environment stimulates children’s brain development shown to improve cognitive abilities as children mature.  The children in our care are encouraged to express themselves with enthusiasm and spontaneity and to develop independent and outgoing personalities. They welcome the challenge of trying new things and learning from risking mistakes. They develop skills to deal with conflict and change and learn how to set standards of behavior and performance, as well as to accept responsibility. The children in our care are encouraged to exercise their natural curiosity to explore the environment. They are provided with materials to creatively express their experiences, ideas and feelings. Through reading, communicating, storytelling and dramatic play, children have an opportunity to explore the many uses of language. We understand that at times children need to be alone or play quietly and we provide a place, as well as supervision for these quiet times.

We cultivate the skills that are at the foundation of a life of happiness and success. Such as cooperative, individual problem-solving, analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, cultural competence, as well as early literacy and math skills and real-world preparation. To achieve that, our curriculum is built around a series of inquiries that grow out of the children’s  interests. They are playful but far more than just “play”. We combine the power of the children’s boundless curiosity with an expertly guided investigative approach that immerses the children in the process and joys of real discovery. Research consistently supports that emergent curriculum in early education - emphasizing authentic experiences rather than a rigid curriculum - leads to greater levels of information and skills acquisition, increased self-esteem and, ultimately, higher achievement. We have found this approach allows children to consistently exceed the usual educational standards, and to simultaneously develop a robust self-awareness and a joy in learning that will serve them for a lifetime.

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